While observing people in public and private spaces, there appears to be a disconnect from

people allowing stillness to take over in the quiet, in-between moments. An in-between

moment such as, when a conversation ends, a person often finds a distraction, like grabbing

their phone, or putting earbuds in to listen to music. My portrait drawings focus on how

distractions, particularly phone usage, penetrate the in-between moments.

The portraits are both random and fixed as to who the figures are. This could mean that the

figures are people I know personally, to people I have seen in various public spaces. I choose to

draw individuals whose body languages and facial expressions are compelling to me while I

observe their in-between moment.

The portraits are drawn in a way that is neither tightly rendered or fully expressive but marries

both techniques. The face of the figures are usually drawn tighter and the other appendages of

their body gradually become gestural, filled with bold lines and blurred edges. The body of the

figure is less defined to draw attention to the stillness of the face. The figure’s body although

gestural, it is not moving but is still while in a contemplative, in-between state. The Ink bleeds

and the layering of words on top of one another that fill the space around the figures, are

describing the differences between who the figure truly is and how their identity could be

perceived while being observed.

The color blue is a common theme in my work. Because of societies growing, everyday use of

technology and viewing screens, people are seeing the color blue now more than ever before in

our history. This blue emits from our pocket screens and is a color that ties into our social

interactions on a daily basis. In my drawings, I use the blue as the descriptor of a screen,

although not always seen, but is present and encroaching on the figure’s body or in the figure’s

atmosphere. My hope is that my artwork can challenge and bring awareness to the use of the

screen and its role as a societal norm and social interaction.

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